A year ago today…


So Facebook has come up with a photo from a year ago of when we first moved my dad into the care home and one of our first walks out.
It’s so nice and it’s true how photos transport you back. But I can’t believe it’s been about a year. I can’t say there is a better time frame of how long ago it felt like when it all happened but adding a time frame at all just made me think of the ticking time bomb that is him slowly losing his shit.

If I remember correctly on this day we went for a walk and the weather was starting to get really nice and we had sat down on a bench. I will keep saying it this but I feel like a proud parent all the time when I am with him, trying to take nice photos of the children at whatever moment you can. Because it’s all about grabbing the nice moments when you can and theses photos have a very real use every other time I see him. For distraction or a conversation starter, but that’s a whole other topic for another time.

So I look at photos like this and chose not to remember those harder times, it’s so much nicer to go oh wasn’t this a nice day and a nice picture when really you know all that day he was asking me how he got down there, he thinks it’s the police that dragged him down and he tells me he wants to come back to Birkenhead and have his own place. So a mixture of all sorts of things that simply did not happen or can never happen, and you can’t truly explain why either.

But I am still so glad I take as many photos as I do, I almost want to take more but then I am sacrificing a more nature flow of conversation and time spent with him. But the best advice I can give is to keep hold on the nice moments, make a record of them as you are going to want them later, and they will come in handy I promise!

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