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I missed a day yesterday, and if I am honest there is so much I can talk about when it comes to dementia and its awareness, all from experience.

What I can’t do however is be extra scientific and give all the ins and outs from a research point of view. I also can’t speak from a carers point of view. I wish I could, but also at the same time understand why I am not, and why it’s not possible.

And my wish is to have a space I can vent my frustrations and appeal to people that come across this information to become more aware about a very serious issue.

And I might as well say this now, I have to be very careful what I say. There are a lot of people at play in situations like this and I never want to offend anyone, but I also want to be incredibly honest where possible. But there are failing, everywhere. There always will be, but my hope is little by little things can get better for everyone.

Mini ambiguous rant over…

PS. part of my mood comes from overly thinking the very shit situation that I am losing my dad little by little to alzheimer’s, every day this week. But also its one of last few weeks in my current job and I have just managed to watch all 3 episodes of Three Girls about child grooming Rochdale in one afternoon. This shit happens all the time. But you don’t know if you don’t experience it. So how are you ever going to know about important shit if you don’t experience it for yourself? And why is this kinda stuff allowed to happen? Because that’s life.

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