Sad bits in films

Let me just get this slightly off topic point out the way here and now. We all know the books will almost always be better than the films, but as soon as I know the film will be out I won’t even bother with the book. It takes me so long to read anything I would rather sit for up to 3 hours watching a beautifully put together film over sitting for hours and hours and hours reading a book. And if the book has over 350 pages that’s a serious investment I have to weigh up carefully if I go ahead with reading it out not (lol). But I do really enjoy reading when I get down to it…..

Anyway I do also love a good film, but I do act differently to all the sad bits now a days.

Prime example is in the past weekend I sat down and watched Me Before You with some mates. And you kind know what will be coming and all that jazz, mentally preparing myself for a little cry. An it’s the kind of shity romantic crap that you can get through on a girly weekend and not going to be one of the best films you have seen of all time. But I did except abit more from it, I wasn’t all that bothered and towards the end where the guys dies, yes it was sad, but not even close to shedding tear.

HOWEVER not even half way in to the film there is apart where it’s the female leads birthday, and everyone goes for a meal at her family home, and her Grandad lives with them. The mum turns around and hands her a gift and says ‘Your Grandad has given you this. He has seen something on making handmade gifts.’ Well your mind instantly goes to the fact he has got her something really shit and it will be a semi funny scene where he laughs off the gift and give him a big thank you. Oh no that was not the case.

She carefully unwraps a massive homemade photo album and the looks they give each other, and the shot then pull across to the Grandad, maybe the only shot of the whole film of the Grandad, I don’t remember, but it was really powerful. I was full on holding back the tears, to the point where you know your throat starts to hurt and your eyes water? Yes. And it was the best bit of the whole thing.

But my  mates only went back and replayed that bit once we had watched the whole sodding film. That was me I was a goner. I never knew any of my Grandads, and my dad has always been an older dad. An maybe it gets me because that’s not something anyone in my family would, or even can do now. An no shade to my family, its fine, but just that moment of that film, it was worth watching the whole thing just for that scene.

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