Background to Vlog 3 – Phones, Seagulls and Accents #Alzheimersawareness

So it’s been an age, and I missed his cheeky little face so I took myself off down to Kent to see him today. And look at me filming, ‘editing’ and posting all on the same day (Just about!)

Re watching this I have seen the bit where he clearly does not know me as Emily, or even his daughter, which took me back a bit when watching but to be honest its pretty normal for me now and I choose not to dwell on these things too much.

This video is a great example of the struggle of how to use an everyday stuff like his phone, and how he literally cant, as well as his jokes and rambles. Let’s also not forget his skill for ascents which I only just discovered since his Alzheimer’s.  I mean let’s be honest it comes about off his want/need to make others laugh and to hopefully steer away from the fact he doesn’t know what he wants to say or what’s happening but there you go, you take the little things where you can.

Enjoy, apologies for the terrible quality again, it was windy and I really don’t even have a setup, but again I have to start somewhere, and also dementia is time sensitive ….

TIP- watch to the end for my commentary which hopefully is easier to watch lol

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