Vlog 2

So this one has been a very long time in the making. The weekend I did my first vlog and tried to do it on my phone I edited and uploaded on the same day. And if I leave it too long it just doesn’t get done. So here is finally a vlog from back in February when it was ice cold, and a lot of sniffing from myself all the way around, so soz.

Also, the whole learning to edit an all that lovely stuff that comes along with it means I have ideas but no idea how to complete them. I did lot of editing out of our conversations from that day. As we walk it can only pick up so much and also he mumbles a lot now, maybe because he doesn’t have confidence in his words anymore. When we talk about people and things from the past, he second guesses and isn’t sure of what he is saying. There was a point where he makes reference to a friend we have that lived on the east coast, they no longer live there but it surprised me the bits an bobs he did remember so that was nice. That was where one of my best mates lived for a very long time and we would often and drive up to Yorkshire to visit them.

We walk about a lot as I can’t drive an there is not a great deal to do around where he lives but he wanted to take me on this long walk so away we went. Part of this video we end up in another graveyard. Now graveyards divide opinion across the board but me and my dad used to do this a lot when I was younger so it just feels natural to go around and look at the names and history. Also we both like taking photographs and looking at the nice views and stuff so you can hear my dad making suggestions of where to stand and get good views, so that’s all we do really when we are out and about. He will go to take photos on his phone and I will help him out and I try to film where I can.

So feel free to watch and comment and let me know what I can improve on or what you would like to see on our next little adventures.

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