Thrashing children at Laser Quest/Tag at 25? Acceptable?


I used to revel in my Laser Quest crown back in the day when that was a go to church youth event, and let’s just say the past few times I have tried my crown had slipped… a lot.

However, I have just brought Elliot up north for the weekend and just been down the beach rock pooling and crabbing with my niece and nephew. And there is no discussion on this one, crabbing and rock pooling is for all ages and I have no shame in my obsession of midnight crabbing (no jokes please, thanks ;)) But Elliot saw laser quest and was like ‘let’s do it I haven’t done it in ages!’

It’s a rainy Good Friday and I was hoping there would be some people there to place against. We were in luck for our first one which was a good group of us. 2 other adult males, me and Elliot and the rest are smallish kids, I would guess their age anywhere between 7 and 12 and the group a good 8 of us.

I am a camper, and I know this place like the back of my hand already –hang my head in shame-. I get in there and crack on, head straight to the top and just camp out, each for their own. In this place, it tells you who shot you and which rank you are, and I was pleasantly surprised to see rank #1 the whole way through. Pop outside to see I didn’t make the main leader board but I was top with over 1000 with the next ones being the 2 other blokes with about 700 and 800. Elliot came below a bunch of kids in the middle, but we will let him off.

With other adults in there I really don’t feel bad, and forgot how active and hot I get running around shooting small children, an even more, fun getting the adults who think they are the bee’s knees. But we had booked 2 games, and I hoped the other 2 lads were going to stay and give me competition. But they left and then you see this cheery dad sending off just 3 kids and me an Elliot in there. And which stage I am like, is this unfair? Is it not just for the experience? But are the kids going to be competitive as I am and as there are so few of us it might get awkward.

Every time I got shot I made sure to look for who and try and give them a bit of a nod, to make it a bit more friendly and easy to swallow for when I whoop them hard. You had a Jake, another lad called Bananaface. And then this one girl, her game name was YOUR MUM. I was floored and couldn’t stop laughing every time she shot me as her name was genius and came up, ‘You were shot by YOUR MUM.’ My rank was still 1 though 😉
Let’s just say I got over 800, Elliot 400 and the 3 other kids somewhere around the 200 mark. I made a point of leaving quickly so I didn’t get dirty looks from the dad as they all look up to the same screen and see their scores.

Might I add many years earlier it was this same location where a bunch of wanna be hard lads who were like 10 made a big thing of me being a girl and how they will ‘gut me like a fish’. Well JOKE WAS ON THEM as they soon found out where I also took great pleasure in rubbing in their face straight after. Not a great moment of mine but serves them right hahahah.

But also come on! It’s game right, I should always try and win right? but should I be embarrassed? In a John Kuckian style head shake – you decide-.
But really tell me, am I mean? Lol

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