Now I am very much a newbie at this whole blogging malarkey but politics and media can be a bit of a funny one.

From what I have seen in the media there is a constant ambush against Jeremy Corbyn and what annoys me is people aren’t doing enough research for themselves. What I am seeing is people seeing these issues and taking on board the first headline or article they read as gospel truth. Maybe I am taring to many people with the same brush here, as well as accusing people of being ignorant and blind sheep but I think we can all agree the whole of the UK needs to get more invested into politics.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t know anywhere near as much as I should about where the parties stand and so on and so forth but I shouldn’t let that stop me from saying how I feel about the whole shabang. I walk through Liverpool street station every day and see the sensationalist news headlines pop up on the big screen. Then I come to my desk and read up about it and see that whatever point Jeremy has made has been completely skued.

And then I see articles like the one below, which is half tongue in cheek and half not.

How Zoella could save Jeremy Corbyn

Overall we all need to educate ourselves on a more basic level and beyond about what the impacts and implications of our votes will be and make an informed decision. Don’t take what you read first as the be all and end all. Read each parties point of view from the horse’s mouth, and think about what issues are important to you and what they will do to address theses.

For me it’s all about the NHS and care system which is fast going down the toilet with not enough investment (as well as lots of other things, if only things were that simply!)

Again a bit of a grabbing title on this article but if you read to the end you can see Lib dems are proposing a tax increase, which is an unpopular point to take, but we all know we need more money for health and social care.

Tim Farron says he doesn’t believe being gay is a sin

But keep your eyes peeled, ears open and talk about it with people, and most all make you have an INFORMED vote on June 8th.

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