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YouTube. So I consume a lot of it.

And most of the time if I want to learn about something I will have a quick look on YouTube (this including essays I had to write in uni and just anything else in life really).

So when I heard about my father having Alzheimer’s I thought I would go straight to YouTube and I wanted to see actual examples of what it will be like over time, learn more from people who are living with and people around people who are close to people who have dementia in its many forms. If I am honest I would rather watch a video then scroll through lots of blog posts as I am slow reader, and I am not the best researcher, I can be a bit lazy with it. But I wanted to be able to see it for myself. You can learn so much more through peoples face, there expression, tone of voice and some things can be hard to explain and have far more impact when you see it.

But I was rather underwhelmed (not dissing anyone who is uploading this kind of content already, I would love to speak to you!) but on the whole it was the odd video or two from real people on the matter, that would have a lot of views and that’s about it. Yes you have societies that have well put together informative videos on this kinds stuff, but I want to see something far more real. This is a very real and personal topic that is effecting more and more people and it gets more media attention (and rightly so) I think there is a further need for this kind of content.

So I decided to try and put myself out there and try it for myself.

Now I don’t even want to try and have polished videos, I am really not about that. What I want to do is document our time together, so that I can see over time how things have progressed, be able to show him some videos of times we have had previously, and hopefully it can be helpful and interesting for other people to watch.

Now right at this moment in time I am just trying to learn how to edit and put things together roughly enough so its watchable, and also try this whole vlogging style of recording while I am out with him. The problem I am having is being able to hear him through his strong scouse accent but also his mumbling as we walk. But I want to catch the real moments, I want people to see him say what he says from his own mouth, and what we are like together. He is like my little best mate and we just potter about together, joke and have a good time. It’s just his Alzheimer’s is starting to show itself more and more.

So bear with me, I will have to learn and attempt and try my best to be consistent with content, post my thoughts on here but also link you back to my videos. So if anyone actually reads this, I would love to know you thoughts (but again if I am honest I am writing this just as much for myself as I am for anyone who might stumble across it).

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