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So yesterday there was the attack on Westminster. And as much as I didn’t want to click onto the Facebook hype of marking myself safe, I did get a lot of messages asking if I am ok. As much as its lovely the geographer and lover of maps and space makes me wish people knew their capital city more, as I am on the other side of it. But there you go.

But with my father’s Alzheimer’s I am never sure what will he will remember or what his actions might be. He is very attached to his phone and has proven in the past he can and cannot use it. Whether that’s age or Dementia, I would go as far as to say more dementia. But either way he must of watched the news and remembered that I lived in London. So I can get a phone call with the news blaring in the background and him asking if I am ok because I am in London.

That was yesterday afternoon around 4 just after it all happened and as it was unfolding. And bless his heart he calls me this morning around 7 again because he turns on the news and sees its in London and remembered I live and work here and has given me another call. Now I love my sleep but I have learnt if I do not answer my phone the first or second time if I have missed the call he gets very anxious. So I had another very early and quick phone call.

He has never had long phone calls with me and I always have my phone on my desk for when he calls, he always wants to know I am ok, doesn’t really know what to say really and then says see ya later!

So now I am just wondering how many other times he will forget he has called, remember I live in London and call me again <3

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