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Since I started this blog, 2016 perhaps, life has changed a lot.

Initially I wanted a way to share my experience with my Father who was slowly deteriorating thanks to Alzheimers. I was in my mid 20’s and didn’t have any examples of what the journey would look like. He died in April 2020 just as covid 19 started, and I hope what I have shared during our journey has helped others in similar situations to myself, and I will continue to advocate for those living with and caring for someone with Dementia. 

My Father and I back in early 2017

After living in London for 10 years, during the 2020 shakeup I managed to find a narrowboat to call my home and welcomed my puppy Beautiful.

Cruising narrowboat with lifejacket and dog

After living onboard for over 3 years now, having travelled across the UK canal network from North West to South East, I am constantly exploring and growing with the hope of sharing my knowledge and experience with anyone nosey enough to come and check me out. 

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