2020 Review – My Dad died and I live on a boat

2020 has been a year of change for everyone, and as I sit here back in my childhood house on my 29th birthday, maybe it’s the time to reflect and catch up anyone nosey enough to read this.  

Dec 2019

Dad was in the hospital for over 2 weeks over Christmas, after getting the call from the care home on the day of my work Christmas party that they sent him off to the hospital, alone as he was completely unresponsive with his kidneys failing. 

Jan 2020

Out of hospital and into the care home we have always wanted him to go so things felt like they were on the up. I also spent my first night on a narrowboat called Hazel up in Ashton-under-lyne for my mother Birthday and thought to myself, I could live like this…… 

Feb 2020

Lived my best London life, little did I know that wouldn’t be lasting all that long and took my Dad for probably his last walk outside with Diesel 

March 2020

I went to Istanbul! Yes! I am one of those people that actually got to travel this year haha what an amazing city. This is also the month work got turned on its head! So I moved out of London to Canterbury to get away from the busy, have space and play a lot of pokemon go. Also super close to the old man who ended up in hospital as he pulled his catheter out, so stayed with him there until we managed to get one back in. Last time I would see him alive. 

April 2020

Doing the whole Canterbury thing, and Dad only goes and dies doesn’t he. Unexpectedly (and not due to Covid!) so starts the Project Manager Emily kicking in to organise and kicking out any unwanted emotions to get shit done. 

May 2020

First of the month and we get the old man into the ground with his Mum back up north, and same with me, back with my Mother up north. No London for me in 2020 it seems and the seed was planted that maybe now would be a time to change things up and see if it’s possible to buy a narrowboat to liveaboard. 

June 2020

I couldn’t not come down for the BLM protest June 6th after making masks and a giant banner with me mother, and the same morning went onboard my first Narrowboat viewing. Kent was also calling while I was down that way. Started making memories there without my Dad, because as a Geography Alumni, space and place and emotions are all highly connected for me so no time like the present to press forward (and of course more narrowboat viewings). 

The UK is not Innocent BLM banner June 6th 2020

July 2020

As soon as Wales opened, we were right in there with a little staycation, going back to where we used to holiday as a child every year. Bret also did me a solid and had me and my Mother out on the cut to answer ALL of my questions, walk me through how a lock works after he bought the first boat he saw earlier in the year. Without question even more Narrowboat viewings …

Aug 2020

I put a deposit down on a narrowboat (spoiler alert, it wasn’t Florrie) And Beautiful came into my life! My little rehomed 13-week-old puppy who has been my lifeline to living life a little more during lockdown. The other boat had a survey and I decided to not go ahead with the purchase so back to the drawing board, with more boat viewings…. 

Beautiful meeting Diesel, my two best doggy friends

Sept 2020

I officially moved out of London after paying renting all year to only be there a total of a week since March. The north was calling me back, not before I had a taste of what I hope is to come living in East London, frequenting the graveyards and canal sides with Beautiful at my side. Did I mention that I had even more boat viewings? Finally seeing Florrie 20th Sept 

Oct 2020

Bought Florrie Oct 1st, moved in weekend of Oct 10th and so did the spamming’s you all with Narrowboat content on instagram. Bret was a fantastic help and sounding board for all things boating as I moved onto the same jetty as him where I am now and met so many fanatic people. 

This is me standing in my water tank, ready to scrap, clean and then paint it out. That job is done but I haven’t filled the tank or tried it out yet!

Nov 2020

Florrie came out of the water for a few jobs for what should have been a week but was a month. I am finding that things are a lot slower for water life and the relaxed nature of the marina was helpful for me to work on the water tank, bed and bathroom. 

Dec 2020

Which lands us here where my life is working my London job from my boat in the North West and staring 2021 in the face with the task of finishing off the boat jobs and hopefully travelling back down to London. 

If you made it this far you must be nosey! But I hope 2020 has treated you as fairly as possible, and I wish you all the best for the next year because we are all going to need it. Also while I am here, thank you for everyone this year who has helped me grow in the most challenging of circumstances: Menekse, Folkestone family, Mother, Laurence and Bret and everyone else who has seen me this year.  

I am also under no illusion that the Lord has had his hand over me and all the situations I have found myself in, for me to accomplish all I have this year, which would be nothing without Him.  If 2020 has made you curious about faith, now is the time to step into it and happy to talk more about it if you want to know the real tea from this year. Catch you next time xx 

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