A brief photo timeline – Fathers journey with Alzheimer’s

I have taken so many photos, and I love so many of them so here is a few from over the past year or so to give you a little idea of the story.

Here we have one of the first photos I had taken of my dad as he had left hospital which I was just incredibly thankful for after being in there over a month. I had brought I him a rather more trendy pair of jeans and he has his smart shoes on and his usual white shirt and I just had to take a photo of him. So told him to go stand by the curtains in his new room and let me take a photo. Not great quality but as me and my father would say he is looking rather ‘suave’ (in a rather strong scouse accent).

The sadder part to this is he only had his smart dress shoes in hospital. During to the confusion that got him there in the first place he mustn’t of been able to find any other shoes so left the house without his coat, keys, or either of his phones, in his smart shoes and walked around town then not knowing how to get home again.

In the home he went to straight out of hospital he was only allowed out with a member of his family so I travelled up north every weekend for around 5 months so that he could actually leave and do things that are important to him like go to church.

We would potter around town and go to church Sunday morning instead of Sunday night as I would have been getting the train back to London at that time. And while we were out and about he (we) have always liked taking photos and he had a nice Samsung phone and was taking photos everywhere we went. This is me and me on Sunday on the wonder that is a Mersey rail train on our way to his church in Chester.


We would then walk around the park, town centre and waterside, have an ice cream and probably also a MacDonald’s (as much as he says they are unhealthy as we shouldn’t eat them we always end up there). We would just potter about the place like a fathers and daughters do.

And then he moved down to the south coast. I was slightly worried moving him an getting him down might be a bit of a struggle but we always just to travel when I was younger, and by now seeing him every weekend I knew what signs to look out for and how to make sure everything went smoothly, which it did. He actually quite enjoyed the fast train, seeing all the different kinds of clouds and

The home is great and right next to the beach and a lovely canal which is why you will see a lot of photos of us down there. And now our weekends are of us trying to keep entertained, lots of walks and of taking photos of the scenery and all that lovely stuff.

Hythe beach

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