Media – Shouldn’t this be common sense?

What do we do with the knowledge from research and university to get it out into the big wide world?

From what I have seen it’s a struggle.

But then you have shit like this that ‘needs’ to be said.

Reported link between diet drinks and dementia and stroke is weak

I mean come on now!

Tell me if I am wrong but when it comes to health research being in the news it’s often sensationalist (generalising of course, with everything I say.) But when it comes to research, more often than not the links are tentative, with relatively small groups, and lots of other factors that could also effective it and all that jazz. That’s just what research for you.

Please see examples below of media headlines:

Could a diet drink a day increase your risk of dementia or a stroke?

Will diet soda kill you or at least give you dementia

Diet drinks TRIPLE your risk of stroke and dementia – and are FAR more dangerous than drinks sweetened with sugar

Diet drinks ‘associated with dementia and stroke’

It once and still continues to be the big thing that all sorts of stuff is giving everyone cancer, but again the big thing at the moment (and again rightly so) is dementia.

And it’s good it’s in the news, but not for trying to scare the shit out of people for thinking if they drink that diet coke in how ever many years they will forgot who their family members are.

But the reality is below, and I will leave it there to sink in a little. With that diet coke or not.

So don’t be that person that second looks there diet drink, just be a reasonable and healthy person.

(side note, even stats are sketchy and all relative and subject to their research and estimations behind them. Lol)

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