And the phone calls are back!

I am relieved that he is showing signs of being able to use a phone again?

Or is it the mean of me because he is frustrated not being able to answer the phone?

As I am typing this I can literally hear him say the numbers as he thinks he is typing on his phone ‘Emily, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…’

And I am sat here saying as many variations of things as possible, like ‘Hello, father, can you hear me? ‘ and ‘Cooieeeeee??’

So I take that back, I am sad he is calling me again because as I say hello down the phone as loud as I can in the office he really can’t hear me. It’s frustrating for us both.

There’s no rule book here, and it will only get worse, but is this a good or a bad sign? Its been months since this has happened, it used to happen several times a day?

-PS this is my LITERAL thought process over the last 5 mins, from brain to blog in 10 mins flat 😉 –

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