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What has happened in the month of Oct! A lot, and let me tell you all about it!

So I have had a bullet journal now for nearly 2 years, and as much as I try I can never use it properly every day. But one of the things I really enjoy is looking back through and seeing everything I did, the ideas I had and it has all the important information in one place. So why not take it a step further and write a blog all about my month!


Elliot’s birthday!

So he turned 25 and we have been ‘dating’ for a year now and I wanted to do something nice. In the spirit of it all I had 2 weeks of surprises for him, with a different one pretty much every night. He would take a card to work with a clue in it to where to meet me and by what time he needed to be there.

There are far too many things to cover, and really it should be a blog post for each of the events in and of itself but here’s a quick overview for you below:

London cocktail festival and all-star bowling

 The first night of all the happening and probably the most jam-packed and fun! I mean this is only a small selection of photos. London cocktail festival has a village at Spitalfields market and we made the rounds and got a few cocktails there. then off the cuff went bowling and ended in a bagel! YES 😉

See the play Prisms at Hampstead Theatre

This one was a bit of a killer. Such an eye-opener for how some people with dementia see/hear and feel things which I am not going to lie left me sobbing! Here is a good review to give you more of an insight.

Dinner at Lobster and burger

Popping his cherry for lobster and of course more cocktails for London Cocktail week as it would be rude not to!

National Theatre to see St George and the dragon

This one was interesting, the way the stage moved was up there as impressive but while the idea was cute and thought through it was a tad off the mark in my opinion. And the fact I thought the stage was one of the best bits is telling … Heres is what someone else thought about it!

Alternative dance piece about maps at the Kings College London

I have no words. Just click here. Or watch below.


Terrarium making workshop on Columbia Road

Elliot found this one a little stressful just to try and catch up! But it was fun to get my hands dirty and now I can’t stop looking at it waiting for it to grow more! And I can’t stop scrolling Geo fleur Instagram page! I just want plants coming out my ears, thanks 😉

Weekend away up to Liverpool

The photos of this one maybe TOO much for this post 😉

Edinburgh fridge award show in Convent Garden

Elliot doesn’t stop banging on about how I need to go this year, so I served him a little bit of it in London instead, and actually quite enjoyed it! Time will tell if I go to the real thing or not 😉

As you can see a few of these things are just a sneaky way for me to do something I like too (all ladies take note haha) but it was a really nice two weeks where we felt we made the most of the time we had free and pushed ourselves to do stuff we wouldn’t normally.

In the middle of all this, I also had the pleasure of going to see my Dad with Lottie and take some lovely photos. Here’s another sneaky peek into another few we have. And a picture tells a 1000 words right? What do you think?

There were a few other events in there thrown in for good measure such as going to St Pauls Cathedral for Souls at Stake: Tyndale, the Bible and the 21st Century. Very interesting indeed! There is a link for a video of the night above too!

The Trans-Atlantic jazz night back at KCL arts and humanities festival and a house party was thrown in there for good measure. That you can see at my Instagram over there >>>>>

And to top all that off I have had my girls Jenny and Beccy down for the night. Had a timeout in eat London with my second brick lane bagel of the month 😉


As you can see October has been a fab month, there has been so many things, so I hope you enjoyed having a nosey! I can assure you November is not going to be like this one!

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