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Can you spot him?

So November as basically been and gone and I haven’t written any of the blog posts I have wanted to, and so much has happened to me and in the news for Dementia.

So let me give you a rundown of Nov:
– Got a job in a pub didn’t I!
– Got another full-time job as well!
– Late night visit with the old man
– Sophie Hammond came down to visit
– Nottingham to see Menekse and Ken Costa
– Ice skating at Tower of London


So let’s get started with jobs stuff, shall we…

So for all who are in the know, the last six months job wise has been full of ups and downs! But I was made redundant in a job I had just started and loved. And so the Netflix marathons, late nights and cheap bottles of wine ensured while I was enduring the roller-coaster that is applying for jobs, interviewing and the endless call from recruiters.

To eventually get myself out of my PJs and into normal clothes with an excuse to shower, I decided to get a job in a good old pub. Not a fancy cocktail bar or a restaurant or anything, just a good old pub. And I managed it, but it was still a little of a shock to my system.
I go from business trips to Paris to cleaning up fag ends in the beer garden. But I do enjoy working in a pub, I have always found I would rather work at an event than be at one and still sympathise with whoever brings my food over wherever I eat. So I am working in a pub, and decided to keep it going during my full-time job.

Call me crazy, but a lot of the time the pub doesn’t feel like work. And the extra money is always helpful. With doing a lot of travelling for my dad and always put a value on experience rather than money, and this has put in red at the bank like every other person who lives in London. So its time for me to learn the lesson of hard work and sacrificing more of my social life to get a little more money in the bank and gain a bit more of work ethic.

Which bring me on to my new full-time job 😊 I am now a project manager back at a publisher, and I love it! In adverting but not selling it and on the publisher side I get to have lots of input, and I am chomping at the bit to hit the ground running.


How is my Dad doing?

Our fave graveyard as the sun sets over his little village

I did try to film a little, so there may be more to come, but we (being Elliot and me) rented a car and drove down to see him. I was a little later than I usually would be as my father can typically be better in the morning than he can be in the evenings. But we rock up and go for a drive to all the different scenic points around the area. We watched the sunset above the graveyard we always end up at, and saw the lights of Folkestone and ended with a good old fish and chips in the only café that was open on a Sunday night.

Sunset over Folkestone Harbour


I could just sit there an watch him eat all day. Weird I know but he was umming and arring about food so I order him the fish and chips as he will eat it and get some peas into him, so he is at least getting his greens. But he tucks straight into this fish, and I just can’t describe the feeling of overwhelming love and protection for him that I just want to scoop him up and watch him eat fish forever hahaha.

Overall his language skills are getting worse, he might not be able to complete a sentence or will get words mixed up, but on the whole not much else of a change there, still his usual self with Alzheimer’s thrown in there for good measure.


All the feels with friends

So I had my old roomie and bestie Sophie come down to visit, for lots of reasons, some not great, but she got the great privilege on sleeping on my sofa bed and sharing my company most nights. It was so lovely to have her back, and it was just like it was back in the day slipping right back into old habits and chats and realising how much not keeping in touch was a bit shitty. So I need to make an effort to stay in contact even when we are on the other side of the UK, if not the globe. I value Sophie so much as a friend and was at one stage very close to her, especially when we lived together when my father was diagnosed. Leaving it so long in-between talking, I forgot how much her option means to me and our friendship and never want to lose that. Also, I would never be able to say this kinda soppy stuff in person, so ill leave a blog post for her to find 😀 (Also happy birthday! – see I am such a shit friend lol).

Elliot and I (is that the right English? Lol) went on a little trip up to Nottingham to see my other bestie Menekse and her husband, Andrew. I knew Elliot was going to love their house, and Dougal the poodle and its love to have a nice catch-up, and let Julie (Menekse mum) do the grilling and get to know Elliot a bit more. They really are my second family, and I love them all dearly, except for Meric. Ish. HAHAHA

I mean look at how beautiful their house is!

We also popped up because Ken Costa was speaking at a local church. And I won’t go into detail but I wasn’t that impressed. If you want to know more comment below and I’ll let you know.

And to top it all off I went ice skating at the Tower of London with these lovelys as it starts to get very festive!

So I have had a great little month with lots of news on every front. But last but not least, let me make a quick record of what I am going to dub mouse-gate. Let’s just say it’s a big old house, and there where serval mouse drama I think we have sorted! Hurray 😊

So let’s see what next month brings in the way of Christmas, New Year, a new Christmas work party to navigate and not forgetting my 26th birthday. Pressure is on Elliot 😊 xx


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