What are your thoughts on the #SharetheOrange campaign with Alzheimer’s Research UK launched today? As a person passionate about raising awareness and sharing my experience let me put my 2 pence worth in.



If you only read this one point – Its time to take Dementia seriously and give a chance to be able to cure it. 

As I work in advertising (kinda) I will normally always have an opinion on the latest campaigns, and I remember the previous 2016 one with the same analogy. I remember thinking then this is a serious issue I didn’t know a lot about and how sad it must be, and look at me now!

Some would say sharing something on social media is the best way to get a message out there. Think of videos going viral, and watching or liking things because you trust your friend’s tastes, and the number of touch points a post has means it more likely to be shown to you, therefore, click on it but I digress.

I think this campaign is well needed, it’s soft and easy to engage with. I have no stats behind what I am saying, but when you share something that’s feel good or for charity, it has a knock on effect for you too, so why not play on the positive reaction in order to get such an important the message out.

It’s 24- 35 years old being the demographic that uses social media the most, and they are the people that need this message the most, it’s coming for us guys, we need to help make a change! And while I feel this is a soft campaign, I think it has to be for a mainstream audience, and for that reason it certainly doesn’t go far enough.

I 100% stand by this campaign and fully support it, but I guess I am coming from seeing the disease in a harsher place, and can’t wait for people to start seeing it in its true reality and taking it more seriously.

There are some big battles out there to fight in regard to dementia, and this is a welcome introduction to the masses to acknowledge the misconceptions and get on board. We need to change our way of thinking about it and then take action on it.

I haven’t even gone into the facts here like the whole reason they use an orange is that a person living with Alzheimer’s brain has shrunk THAT MUCH. Is that not crazy! I am going to link below a few other resources I would highly recommend checking out if you really want to know the impact the disease has and why we need to find a cure or any way to help asap.

I would love to know your thoughts on this Share the Orange campaign from whatever your viewpoint. I have no doubt my viewpoint must be completely different to that of one of my friends who hasn’t had much interaction with the concept of dementia and its impacts. Please comment down below, tell me what you think and let’s get the conversation going!


The condition has been blighted by misconceptions for generations, and it’s now time to turn our fatalism into hope, and research holds the key to overcoming the diseases that drive the symptoms.

Hilary Evans, chief executive of Alzheimer’s Research UK


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