Inspirational Women- International Women’s Day 2018 #IWD2018

It rolls around every year but is still so important to support International Women’s day with #PressforProgress. And I thought to myself, who are the most inspirational women I personally know? So I thought I would share with you 3 of these lovely ladies, and why I think so much of them.


My Mother

I, of course, speak so much about my Father, but not quite my Mother (or Mam, she just hates the word Mother so of course I use it more ;)) I also know she doesn’t read my blog either, so this will make what I say easier and less embarrassing.

I am not a mushy person and will keep this short and sweet. My mother is a very independent, headstrong and caring women who I think has one of the hardest jobs in the world of being a carer. She has effectively brought up 3 children while paying the mortgage by herself and is constantly selfless and looking to help where she can (even when it’s not needed sometimes). She has passed on all her traits, including being brutally honest and the world needs more Godly women like this.

A rare photo of my Mother I took this weekend, rare indeed. Do you think I look like her? If you can see the picture at all! -_-

Rosie Hindmarsh

Another woman who shot straight to my mind is a little more of a strange one. Her name is Rosie and my Father and I would go on long drives to Scotland and always made sure to stay and spend time with her; More often than not Scotland was just a fun add-on. She has such an amazing life story, faith and heart for the Lord and the real-life stories she has to tell are almost unbelievable! What the Lord has done in her life and the people around her is truly awe-inspiring and shines a light right back to the very personal relationship she has with Jesus. But don’t get me wrong, she not a global head of a business or anything like that, just an ordinary woman which makes it all the more beautiful.  She has a book out called ‘The Pathway of Faith’ which I thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend so please check this out and considering buying a copy.




My usual face at her. But she knows I love her really!


And last but by no mean least, is one of my oldest friends Menekse. I wonder how long it will take her to see this lol. We have been the closest friends for such a long time even though we have always lived on the opposite side of the country. There is definitely a theme of headstrong women here but her perseverance and drive is relentless, the goal is unshakeable and everything she does is done to perfection. Her journey as a person has been a privilege to be part of and she has only accomplished the tiniest amount of the amazingness that is coming her way. The Cheerfully Given community would agree with me here and I would highly recommend checking out whats going on over there, she is unstoppable!


So I hope you enjoyed that little insight, and now I have a half day off at work and going to surround myself with even more inspirational women with events at the Alzheimer’s Society and Monzo! How exciting and Happy International Women’s day everyone!



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