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Its a been a busy old start to the year in my January and February so let me break all the adventures down I have had for you lovely nosey people (and my future self!)



– Bristol

Elliot’s sister lives in Bristol and I have never had a good look around other than going to see my Dads family friend when I was a child.

Can we just take a moment of how cute this cat is, and how battered my nose is because I am allergic to cats …. Worth it.

We went to a cider festival on a farm, walked around town as well as going to the amazing wildlife photographer of the year exhibition. Alongside that, as well as lots of good food and chilling, I got the chance to swing by my Fathers very good friends who live in Bristol and it was lovely to see them. They have always seen a different side to my Father that I never hear from anyone else, and they always see the best in people. Even seeing them for such a short time it was such a blessing!

View of Bristol from the M shed



Lumiere festival

As you can tell already I loved this festival, I still only got to go around half of it (boo!) but got to see some amazing stuff so FOMO can do one!

I mean check this out!



January Dad visit printing photos

I would love to see my Dad more than once a month, but that’s how the cookie crumbles and I make the most of it. This time round Elliot drove us down and we went to the phone shop to get some important admin out the way.

My Dad knows everyone in the phone shop by now and he goes in on a regular basis for one query or another, and this time I needed to come and sort out the bigger mess that was his phone not being on the right contract (Vodaphones fault, lets not go there with the trouble I have had hey!) I have tried to find the time to kinda say, or even mouth the fact he has Alzheimer’s, but I have to just assume they know from him coming in so much! And of course, I cant just come out with it either!

I also took the time to go to Boots and the little photo counters we used to go to all the time and finally show him and print some of the amazing photos Lottie did for me. I did record it all but maybe one day I will make it into a vlog as promised. LOL.

Keep your eyes peeled for lots of sneaky peaks on social media though, I caught so many lovely moments I would have never seen unless I had set the camera up!




One of my dearest, longest friends (time and height wise might I add) celebrated his 30th so I seriously couldn’t miss it! Classic night out – standard. Classic crash on his couch, with the usual faces – standard. The next day buying a coat and having a rather splendid walk-of-shame day out in Chester, not so standard and rather delightful!

Elliot decided it was a good time to buy hangers. So this is him with his precious hangers.

Just after my Father diagnosis, I went up north every weekend, on the whole, to make sure he got to church. I think routine is so important and he was in no fit state to leave by himself and no one else would have been able to do it for him. As much as he said he would like to go in the evening rather than morning, it’s not possible when I need to go to work in London the next day. And our usual day would be a maccies breakfast, church and then a walk through the park and waterfront for an icecream, then ‘home’.

This time around I did something similar showing Elliot the sights, walking along the wall, definitely having a maccies, just sadly no ice cream this time. But still a rather nice surprise of a day out that I didn’t count on, and a new favourite Primark (I know I know, I literally never go in!) coat I always wear.



Lots of tv shows

If there is something that February had been full of is a lot of me being in the auidence for different TV shows. Graham Norton which was great, and finally got in despite trying for a shameful amount of time/years, but it was great fun, and it was the last show they filmed in the ITV studios on the waterfront. It had been filmed there for 20 years in one form or the other so it felt like a good show to be on, the crew and Graham even got a bit emotional!

Then we have good old Blind Date with Paul OGrady. Now don’t get me wrong we all loved the old school blind date, and Cilla Black made it (also felt kinda sad she wasn’t doing it R.I.P Cilla), but Paul did bring his own northern magic and charm (even if it was full of dirty innuendos and references that only the over 50’s would get!)

I also still stick by people from the North West, in particular, Liverpool and the Wirral having a certain look. If you were to give me a line up I feel I could tell them apart. Also striking is the comparison to Paul and my Father, basically the same age. I would go as far as to say there is certain mannerism too for that age/generation that did remind me a lot of Dad, which definitely felt strange but very homely, in the most surprising way possible.



Kew Gardens

So what do you do for your other half when it comes to presents, get them something you would like too! Am I right?! So we went to Kew Gardens. We went along with 2 very good friends Sophie and Dwyane and it turned into a bit of a couples photo session in some place but I would highly recommend. So much, in fact, I want to go back in early March to catch the exhibition I didn’t get to see!

At the Kew Garden Orchids festival. Not that you can see many orchids as its a selfie. Haha



Feb Dad visit

Just to top off the month of Feb, I went down on the train to visit the old man. This time I tried something a little different and when we went out for our walk, I put a microphone on his coat which of course completely forgot about and was just natural with me all day. I now need to sit through 2 hours of audio and pick out the best bits and put it to some nice footage and bingo!

We had lots of fun walking around town and taking photos. We went to a cafe and he for once didn’t kick off about it being ‘posh’ or not wanting to eat cake or drink tea, he just sat and enjoyed it! Breakthrough, and we will be going back there for sure to test my theory.

The last thing I am going to leave you explains itself when you watch so enjoy!

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