Dementia in the News – Care homes turning away people with advanced dementia

I always keep my eyes peeled for where dementia is in the news and this one does not surprise me, with care homes turning people away. 

father in EMI carehome
My father straight out of Hospital and into the EMI care home he spent several months in.

I found the story here, and I can’t for the life of me find the original it refers to however let me break this down for you:


  • Care homes are not taking some people on board with dementia
    • The word ‘cherry picked’ is used in the article and let me tell you its right when it comes to finding homes for people.


I can only ever speak from my own experience but with such a blanket term as Care home can lump a lot of different forms into one. People at varying points of living with there dementia will need different care needs, and that also comes with a varying degree of money and expertise to give the best care possible.

An example of what I have first-hand experience with is EMI  care home. That is a very different ball game to that of say a residential care home. This is speciality care, that comes at a hefty price increase for somewhere that would have the basic of facilities and care in place. And this is not suited for someone with early to mid stages of dementia (in my opinion). This was an awful option for my father, to what felt more like a mental asylum. And even in speciality homes, not everyone will take people in, and certainly if you are not paying a premium for the service.

Now in their defence, they want to give the best care they can, and more often than not there is not enough money, time or care in the system to be able to help. In an ideal world we would be in a society where we can care for our elderly in family homes with extra care but thats a bigger problem completely!

But reality can suck, and people need to find places for their loved ones, so what do you do in that situation …


  • Refusing to take people that have been in the hospital 
    • Let me tell you why. Because people decline dramticlly once they have been in hosiptal, but they are still people!


And no one wants to have to deal with that, but then it puts even more pressure on the NHS. I wanted to get my Dad out of the hospital for weeks, and what he was like in the hospital compared to being out he was like a comply different man (still very much with Alzheimer’s.) How can you judge how they will be when you are caring for them? And when pe

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