I went to a vlogging event the other day, I never got the chance to write about it then and there but it was VERY interesting thinking back on it to the reactions to what I say my channel and blog are about.

Why do people blog anyway?

Why would someone go all that trouble to put their lives on the internet through a blog or videos? I can’t answer for everyone of course but for me, it started when I like being nosey at everyone else online through youtube, I love having a good nose because who doesn’t.

Then I realised my dad had Alzheimer’s and started spending a lot of time with him. Spending more time with him just made us closer and at least I feel like we turned into a little double act, days out and seeing his behaviour and memory decline.

I wanted to be able to record this and seeing the reaction from people out and about to him, was a whole mixed bag of emotions. So I really wanted to make my own little impact to address both those things. Document for me and if I can help shine a light for others about what Alzheimer’s is, all the better.

So what happened when I tell people?


Blank stare – What does that even mean? lol

When I was at the event, the main thing is a bit of a blank stare.

-normal beauty blogger kinda person- ‘So what do you blog about?’

Me- ‘oh, my father has Alzheimer’s and I try to vlog with him.’

I mean bless them what do you say to that? In which case I know it may sound a bit awks so I make sure to reflect it back onto to them. ‘What do you blog about?’


Understanding and justifying

Some people seemed, well I wouldn’t say excited but did see what I was doing. They would say ‘Oh that’s really cool’ or ‘yeah I get that, that must be really interesting’. And then it was a bit of a conversation killer. A few of the girls were actually really nice, we actually had a conversation about it, a little more than a sentence or two but it was still clearly something that was uncomfortable for them and not something that lines up with that they do.


Sad realisation

In reality is it a very sad thing that is happening to my father and in turn the effect on me. And it’s a downer, I can be a Debbie Downer. But I assure you I try my best not to be, it’s more the topic, not me is a very sad thing



So what’s next for me?
So in relation to all this, I want to be able to show the diversity. I can’t just have all my spare time and my interests being surrounded by this one very sad and important impactful part of my life. I am a normal girl living in London and other things shape my life.

So when it comes to content you see from me, the most important content to me will be about my Dad and Alzheimer’s. But there is more to me as a person and what I can create that is also important and also shapes me and my time. My faith with is of vital importance to me and my father. My travels, food, friends, and documenting all the ups and downs that go along with that.

So if you have got this far, get ready to see more from me 🙂


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  1. Beccy
    10th July 2017 / 10:28 pm

    In those kind of situations/set ups, people are always trying to put their best face forward and say the ‘right’ thing and it can be destabilising to talk about things that don’t have an easy answer. It’s easier to say, ‘that must be really interesting’ or to just change the subject than to say, ‘that must be hard, what’s your experience so far, or how are you finding vlogging about it?’ etc. People are going to have to start talking about it and understanding it sooner or later given the statistics/ageing population/the way the health economy is headed. You’re doing good, keep on talking about it and chipping away at the taboo!

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