Life Update

I do not class myself as a good writer and only come to it when I feel like writing something. But it has been ages, and a lot if happening.

So I have given myself until the end of the month to find a job. I had got offered one, that was then the company retracted the offer after handing in my notice at my current job because I had a holiday booked. Yes, I could stay but I know I am ready for new challenges and want to throw myself wholeheartedly into doing that while I have given myself what some would say an impossible deadline, less than 3 weeks.

There are never ending issues and drama around the house we are in with the landlord and estate agent. And my heart drops every time we get an email.

And I haven’t heard from my dad at all now, for a few weeks via the phone. I think it’s fair to say he just can’t use it as a phone anymore, never mind a camera. And London is hard if you don’t live within your means, and for various reasons including my dad, i haven’t lived within. And now I can’t afford to see him.

Elliot bless his heart came down with me the other weekend in his car and I did film a video, and it was certainly eventful, so I might leave that story for another occasion.

And on a very final note. I hope you voted today guys!!!!


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