What my Dad taught me : Rolled Sleeves

Rolling my sleeves up can mean a few different things, but my father definitely taught me (OK unknowingly influenced me ) to always have my sleeves rolled up.

In my house, I have matching dressing gowns which Elliot and I share. Full length, hooded, extra large (all essential aspects to a dressing gown), and I naturally roll the sleeves up every time I wear one. Last night I hear ‘Eurgh why do you always roll the sleeves up, it’s so annoying!’

Rolling up my sleeves is now such an innate part of me that I didn’t even realise how much I do it. Its funny to find something like that about yourself and bringing it back to its origins it has to be my father.

If you were to ask me about the first thing I think of when it comes to my Dad visually, it is undeniably the white shirt with the top pocket with at least one pen, pretty much a Parker pen, and of course the rolled sleeves. It was his literal uniform for life, and I can’t recall a time in the 90’s where he wasn’t wearing this combo.

Your parents influence you so much, and the older I have become, the more self aware I am of it.

Rolling my up sleeves in the metaphorical sense? Well that may be another post in and of itself. But I can tell you now, I would not call myself a hard worker but I am always willing to give something a go, especially if its helping someone out. Now that I can safely say came from both parents.


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