Can you be light hearted when talking about Dementia? #DAW2017

So it’s going to be Dementia awareness this week, and I really want to make the most of it. That will be seeing what other people are doing and saying, what events are on in London and connecting with lots of different people. So don’t forget to say hi to me, thanks 😉

But dementia is a heavy AF topic when it comes down it to it. So how can I keep my content, or how can anyone keep their content light and enjoyable without depressing every one of the very grim reality of the disease and its future as it stands?

It’s hard. Lol

The reality is that not enough people know about what dementia really is, or how they can approach it when coming into contact with someone who is affected. But also on the research side there is no cure, and it is set to be one of the world’s biggest killers. What fun right!

But one of the things that since starting this blog, and also since my father’s diagnosis, I have needed to treasure every moment and opportunity I have with him, and any chance I have to help others. It just means every time I see him I take nothing for granted, I don’t dwell on the sad or upsetting points but the fun and laughter we always have, and how we can make this day and the next the best for his quality of life.

I mean just look at his little cute face! I almost feel like a proud parent myself sometimes getting him to stand and smile for the camera and just wanting to squish his face like he did mine when I was little.

We could even bring this back into our everyday lives and how we value memory. Treasure every single one, and make lots of them. So what I am doing here in my little Honest Emily Space is recording my memories and feeling for future me. But also bring about awareness to those around me to see the impact and wake up to what dementia is, and what they can do with that information.

So I guess keep watching this space and join me in shining a light on what dementia is and the humanity that is still there for people diagnosed. But also how it radiates through friends, family and society, all through the eyes of me, in between everything else I do. Because I am still a normal 25 year old living in London and the word doesn’t stop turning.


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