Best and worst of Lumiere London – Kings Cross | Fitzrovia

I love Lumiere London 2 years ago and when I heard it was coming back I had to make sure I do it all again.  Now it is only the first night but I have been around Kings Cross and Fitzrovia and I feel like I can tell you what to skip and what not to miss from those sections at least! Keep reading as some of my highlights happened at the end of the night, and not in Kings Cross… shocker.

I went with a bunch of girls from my house which was nice and then carried on the night with just me and Ben. As you can see Ben is a girl. But we happen to have the same first name and that just won’t do! So we go via our second names, and even if I try that will never change now, soz Ben.

Enjoy this one, it a beaut! And portrait mode on the pixel 2 no less… I went all out for this one 🙂


Now you always start here, classic. Apparently this thing is called IFO. But ok. If you have the patience make sure you pop inside and blag on the swing as if you were 5 again. Day or night for that one guys so you can thank me later 😉

I mean this is called the bird cage right? It has to be! Also a permanent fixture in Kings cross so do not worry!


On the walk up to Granary square, they had these fun giant desk lamps which I really liked. You literally can’t miss them and in all different colours, it eases you in nicely. In fact its that kind of thing I would love to see there permanently.

They basically stole my IKEA lamp and made it green. But its ok I forgive them.


This next bit was always going to be good as they have such a space to play with and it didn’t disappoint. A definite highlight and with you guaranteed to come away with a photo that you love, this one was called WaterLicht.


Now if you wanted to know more about the actual piece itself, buy the guide or go to the website, you are not going to get that here I am afraid. What I will tell you, however, is it was a range of lasers that went across the square through a mist that was created. This complements the wavey lasers projected on to the main building itself and the area was choc a block. Not so bad that you felt crazy crammed an uncomfortable but a kind of community fun crowed. Everyone has space to enjoy and marvel at the lights we were all the center off and I would highly recommend!


Granary Square – Lumiere London


Now there were a few things in between the square and this next one. One included looking up at a dangling projector screen from a crane that I wasn’t all the enamored with and a small marketplace to grab some food and eat brightly flashing candy floss. However after seeing pictures of what to expect from Kings Cross, this next one was what I was most excited for, and ultimately most let down with. Talk about false advertising! Even Ben when we came home said ‘Hang on that looks nothing like it does in real life!’ And she would be right. Introducing Entre Les Rangs.

Lumiere London – Entre Les Rangs – Kings Cross | my picture makes it look better than its reality

So I won’t describe what the promo picture makes it out to be, as that would be like rubbing salt in a wound, let me tell you what it was really like (my name is Honest Emily after all.) You are fed through little walkways of plastic cladding that are laid over the perfect grass (must be fake) to stare at a bunch of those old reflectors you would put on your bike as a kid on top of sticks. You all trundle along, in an uncomfortable fashion being funneled past these old, bland patches of a child’s half-arsed imagination of space-age lollipops. Maybe I am a bit harsh, but there were lights that would flash over them to help illuminate in what I can only imagine is a trying to bring character to n otherwise plain display at a light festival. It was just a litte uninspiring for how long it went for as well. If it was more of a free for all through the reflectors it may have been more fun, and I get why they didnt do it, but it just wasnt all that. Its a look if you happen to be there kind vibe.

Lumiere London – Entre Les Rangs – Kings Cross – here you can see the different lights used to reflect onto them


I am not even sure what this next bit was about I can’t even be sure it part of the installation, but it was a pretty cool area to walk through. I will let my pictures do the talking but the use of old metal work and the cleer use of mirrors around a garden space were a true joy to explore. It made you look twice as you walked as you would see everything slightly differntly and twice.  This was also a favorite of mine, and worth a look around even though it is the one that is the further walk away from Kings Cross station itself.




Cheeky one of just me. Blame Ben for the photo quality 😉


Walking down it was very strange as you had to have a second look. Also check out the detailed cutouts in the ceiling.


There was something about these which makes it one of my faves of the night, and it did attract a lot of people.

After that, there were these really fun watering cans. At first, I thought they where plastic bag style lampshade but then eventually realised they are all little suspended watering can feeding the plants. This is another nice surprise and such a nice fun edition that I would recommend going around to see it.

Not that I did but lots of people go to hold them and take a fun photo, and I just thought this was a really fun little installation.

We then made our way around to Granery square and up through the centre to see Aether. Its all about the music on this one, but also don’t get too caught up in the dangling pins from the ceiling, but don’t forget to check the black slats they are reflecting on which adds to the whole dramatic atmosphere (especially with the music).


So that about does it for Kings Cross for us. I would say it is all on a nice walkable route so walk around, but dot miss out the watering can in the top right-hand order. The reflectors are next to the market, but it was the most disappointing. And Granary square is ALWAYS a good.


So this is where me and Ben when on our little Fitrovia little mission. And DO NOT MISS these little stops, which aren’t as central as any of the others. I mean whats in Fitzrovia anyway? Lots of nice places to eat, offices and a banging sale section in the massive paperchase. And these little beauties …


This was the cube based in Fitzrovia. This was pretty cool and reacted to your touch and changed patterns. I would recommend checking this one out.


Control no control is the title of this bad boy. It changes patterns and sounds over longer periods of time and is reactive to your touch. Not directly onto the cube but if you hover over it changes. Its genuinely engaging over a longer period of time, and its amusing seeing how other people react. How the pattern changes to something new you havnt seen and everyone rushes forward to try and touch and make the lights change to there movements.


From here we headed over to by far one of the coolest and most engaging from what I have seen so far. WE PLAYED A GAME ON THE SIDE OF A BUILDING. After Ben hit someone in the face with her scarf (accident but hilarious) we found ourself in front of this huge building, trying to figure out what it is.

When you know you know, and it’s playing the old school A-Bit game, just on the side of a building. There are sensors you put your hand into to raise your bar up or down to try and bounce a ball from it and stopping it hitting the end. Once you know you go ‘OOOOO ITS THIS..’ and you can hear everyone else coming to join the group and the pennies dropping across the crowd, while we are all being very British and queuing to have our go.


So far this was by far the most impressive

Before we had our turns ( we only waiting before 3 pairs of people so we got there at just the right time!) there we 2 blokes in front, one with a blue hat and one with an orange/red hat. And they went to play and their hats matched their team colour perfectly, if only they had planed it, and if only I had a better picture video!


From here we potter over to this little chapel tucked away inside a brand new multi-use complex in the centre of Fitzrovia for what was called dripping. It was in an enclosed courtyard, with only a handful of others. It was very calming and just had a magical vibe, I am not sure how else to explain it. So tucked away and unexpected. Also I just feel like I have an assimilation with anything semi nature related, there is nothing more beautiful than nature itself and bring our own human spin on both nature and our relationship with it is what I go for every single time. Tech and futuristic themes are just not for me!  But check out the video, it does the trick at explaining it perfectly! 



Also last one for this one, and if you saw my Instagram story, I did it justice there. Did I have to stick around for longer? Did I miss something, please tell me because this was such a let down after what was there 2 years ago! And that’s putting my reaction in a more favourable light …  I mean I played a game on the side of a building ealier! LOL

THIS was a disappointment. Is this it? Are you joking lol


So let me end this blog post here, for all who actually read this far, you are a true legend or very nosey 😉 I will be doing a lot more of it over the weekend so give me a heads up if you have been out and seen what is good, I would love to know! xx

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